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QMS mods for BeamNG Drive

Any unauthorized distribution of mods, or server usage without permission just isn't cool! I've put a lot work to make these available for the motorsports sim racer enthusiast to enjoy. Your support will help me make more cool mods!

Coming Soon!


Created from the CAD files of JAWS, allowed for accurate representation of real life suspension geometry, as well as front rear weight bias and horsepower to bring the most realistic Trophy Truck driving experience to BeamNG! Includes Gladiator XCOMP tires and Method race wheels that can be used on all vehicles.


QMS 1450 Mod

QMS Prerunner Chassis includes new I-Beam front suspension, plus IFS, SFA, and 4-link suspension upgrades for the Gavril trucks. Better KING shock code with more realistic tuning variables, X-Comp Tires and a bunch of cool stuff thanks to BDR Series


OBS F150

This truck gets down. requires 1450 mod to work. Textures from BDR Series

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